ARM Trip Report

ARM 1998 trip on the A&C RR

  The Arizona and California Railroad celebrated TEAM ARIZONA on Saturday may 21. Team Arizona is the name chosen by the railroad to share their success with the employees and local friends of the railroad. Why is this important to us you might ask....The Museum supplied passenger cars to run a train for these wonderful folks to ride. There were 2 trips from Parker to Bouse and return. Each trip lasted about 2 hours and passengers were allowed to wander through the cars and view 4 distinctly different types of car. The Museum sent AZMX 2870 - the ex-Santa Fe coach, PPCX 800903 Imperial Manor - a 4 double bedroom - 4 compartment - 2 drawing room sleeper, and the Jane Marie - Private Car. The A & C provided their Business Car 58. First trip was out of Parker at 9:30 AM returning at 11:30 AM. Lunch was ready on arrival and well enjoyed by everyone. A short welcome was spoken by general manager Jon Branton and a sincere thanks to all the employees of the railroad and those museum members in attendance was given by the CEO Dave Parkinson. The second trip was out of Parker at 1:00 PM and back at 3:00 PM. The Museum provided car attendants for all 4 cars to allow the railroaders and their families to have a day of it. One of the highlights was having the newly crowned Miss LaPaz county, Myra Adams, on board. Our cars traveled over 3 different railroads and came back just fine. Thanks to the fine railroaders who handled them so carefully. The Museum thanks the folks who volunteered their weekend to support this fine activity and showcase our equipment. Craig & Mariann Shields, Jim & Karen Wallin, George & Syd Holt, Bart & Jane Barton, Rose Barton, Brad Van Ness and Russ Lassuy.

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