National Train Day May 7, 2011

By Mark J. Redmond

Over the past 3 years, National Train Day has become the biggest event the Museum has ever had. This year was no exception.


Many volunteers participated to get many of the cars ready, from finishing projects to cleaning cars that are not normally open.  These people were key to our success and there were so many of them. We had a total of 8 cars open for Train Day.  This was the first time some have never been open to the public.


Cars new to National Train Day: Passenger cars "Diablo Canyon", "Vista Canyon", "Jane Marie" and TC & GB #204 boxcar.


Cars never before open to the public: Passenger car "Eugene Field", PCC trolley #4607, D&RGW caboose #0407, and the Plymouth locomotive #1.


Also, for the first time in over 50 years, the Southern Pacific 2-8-0 steam locomotive #2562 blew her whistle (using compressed air).


The museum sold special National Train Day T-shirts.


The Lions Club sold food/drinks and provided shuttle service to the parking area.


We had a total of 1337 visitors which is only 163 fewer than last year and all this WITHOUT TV coverage.


There were even MORE visiting displays this year with 3 model railroad clubs participating. Those groups were:

ABTO (Arizona Big Train Operators)

Grand Canyon Model Railroad Club

Gilbert Model Railroad Club


also participating were:

CERT (Chandler Emergency Response Team)

City of Chandler Museums

Operation Lifesaver

Lions Club


Plans are already in the works for National Train Day May, 2012!

Keep checking our website for details


What would National Train Day be without pictures? Click on the picture below to open a larger one.


Inside the TC & GB 204.

The O gauge layout.

The engine staff getting ready.

Setting up the t-shirt table.

Kyle Sikes.

John Julian in front of the TC & GB box car.

The D from the original outside wood paneling.

Displays in the TC & GB 204.

Hardware display inthe TC & GB 204.

Getting the stairs ready for #10.

The locomotive forman doing work while the workers rest.

The Jane Marie.

Ken Crompton, Al Pratt and Sven Elfving set up a tent.

Bob and Lin Leivian at the greeting table.

Syd Holt and Jim Wick in the Jane Marie lounge.

Some of our first guests arrive.

The CERT tent.

The 4607 PCC tolley all polished up.

You can see the difference buffing does.

The Loins Club food area.

Getting ready for the crowd at the 2562.

Ken Dickenson taking a picture of me.

Returning the favor to Ken.

Hal Whitehead mans the golf cart.

The Gilbert Model Railroad Club.

Operation Life Saver and Chandler Museum displays.

The CERT display.

Guests board the Denehotso.

The Gilbert Model Railroad Club teach a young engineer.

Guests coming to visit.

The parking area fills up.

Guests exit the diner.


The t-shirt tent.

Inside the party caboose.

Kyle Sikes in the #10.

A cool spot for the trolley crew.

Diane Roberson talks to guests exiting the Federal.

Larry Benedict helps a young engineer off the #10.

The ABTO display.

The Grand Canyon Model Railroad Club.

Dan Melucci mans the TC & GB #1.

Kathy Lassuy in the Adiel Morris lounge.

One of the crossing gates working.

A dove makes a nest on the party caboose AC unit.

The Gilbert Model Railroad Club.

The volunteer parking area is completely full.

Guests check out the Plymouth cab.

Conductor Ken Crompton punches Train Day tickets.

"May I see your ticket please?"

Guests board the 504.

Inside the DiabloCanyon.

Inside the Diablo Canyon.

Dining area on the Federal.

Guests board the Federal hallway.

The Federal Lounge.

Lounge in the Jane Marie.

Exiting the Jane Marie.

"Daddy, I don't want to get down!"

Guests visit the TC & GB 204.

Inside the 204.

Guests board the Desert Valley.

Hallway in the Imperial Manor.

Hallway in the Imperial Manor.

Grand Canyon Model Railroad Club S-scale layout.

Rudy Morgenfruh talks to guests in the Eugene Field.

Guest parking lot is pretty full.

Gift shop is busy.


More guests arriving.

The hay ride.

Maryann Sheilds welcomes guests to the Denehosto.

Inside the 2870 coach.

Fred Stout & Phil Anderson talk to guests in the Regal Phoenix.

Inside the diner.

Jane Barton talks to Jeff Crosby in the diner kitchen.

Dave Potts mans the lower lounge in the 504 dome car.

Jan & Damon Barham in the RG 01505 caboose.

Exiting the Jane Marie.

A young man relaxes on the Jane Marie couch.

More guests in the 2870 coach.

Inside the 504 dome car..

Leaving the #10 Baldwin.

Larry Benedict helps another young engineer down.

Inside the RG 01505 caboose.

Hallway in the Jane Marie.

Syd Holt in the Jane Marie dining room.


A crowd gathers at the museum/gift shop building.

Young ladies try to master the Gilbert Model RR Club switching problem.

Resting after a hard day.

Happy hour on the Federal.

Jeff Crosby chowing down.

Happy hour.

Happy hour on the Federal.

Bart you look good in pink!


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