ARM Donations

The Arizona Railway Museum is a non-profit (501-C-3) organization.  Donations to the Museum may be tax deductible.

The operating funds needed to repair, clean, preserve, protect, and display the equipment and artifacts in our collection comes from several sources:

Membership Dues
Gift Shop Sales
Corporate Sponsors
Private / Government Grants

A donation may be in the form of:

Artifacts We gladly accept your railroad memorabilia.  Any railroad, any nationality, any condition.
Materials Materials and Hardware used to restore the equipment and build displays
Monetary Allows the Museum to purchase specific items needed
Services People using their tradecraft skills to benefit the Museum


Arizona Railway Museum

Certificate of Donation

This form may be printed and completed prior to delivery of any donation.  Must be signed by authorized agent of the Arizona Railway Museum at the time of donation..


The Arizona Railway Museum accepts donations of railroad memorabilia of all types and from all railroads.  The main focus of the Museum's displays are related to Arizona, but we do display items from "foreign" railroads (some of the artifacts are from international railroads).  To make a donation of artifacts, please bring them to the Museum building during normal operating hours (Sat-Sun, 12-4, Labor Day-Memorial Day).  The building attendant will help you complete a Certificate of Donation that you can use for tax purposes.

Note: The IRS has specific rules for a donation to be considered as tax deductible.  Please consult the IRS guidelines for a full listing of rules.  

Some of the more common "rules" are:

Value The Arizona Railway Museum can not help you determine or establish the monetary value of the items being donated.  If you are unable to self-establish the value of the items being donated, the ARM recommends that you have the items appraised before making a donation.
Restricted Use An item can not be donated with limitations regarding the use of the donated item.  For example; "It must always be on display" would be a limitation.
Perpetual Loan Items donated to the ARM become the property of the ARM with no time limitations.  The ARM has a specific policy regarding the accession, de-accession, and, in some cases, the liquidation of donated items.

It you have questions regarding the donation of artifacts or wish to make a donation of artifacts outside the normal operating hours of the Museum please send email to

Materials & Hardware

The Arizona Railway Museum is always in need of construction materials that can be used for the restoration of the equipment, the fabrication of displays, the maintenance of the facility.  The types of materials needed include:

Plywood Sheet metal Electrical Cable / Panels / Fixtures
Lumber Steel tubing / piping Canvas / Plastic Tarps
Screws / Nails Hand Tools Welding Supplies
Paint / Paint Stripper Power Tools  

If you are in a position to make a donation of materials, please contact the Museum to arrange for delivery or pickup.


The Museum operates under a single "General Fund" financial account.  Specific projects and expenses are allocated finances from the General Fund to complete the project goals.  Occasionally, people may wish to make contributions to fund a specific project.  To make monetary contributions to a specific project, please indicate the desired project in the MEMO field of your check.  Contributions without a specific project in the MEMO field will be placed in the General Fund and allocated per the guidance of the Museum Board of Directors.  Below is a list of current projects that need funding.

MEMO Field Identifier Project Name
General General Operations
56 Restoration and operation of the Santa Fe Business Car #56.
580 Restoration and operation of the Santa Fe Coach #580.
2870 Restoration and operation of the Santa Fe Coach #2870.
C-45 Restoration and operation of the ARMY C-45.
Curatorial Artifact Preservation / Curatorial Activities
Denehotso Funds the restoration and operation of this car.
Desert Valley Funds the restoration and operation of this car.
Dining Car Dining Car Acquisition and Restoration
Freight Cars Funds the restoration and maintenance of the freight equipment.
Horse Car Funds the restoration and operation of this car.
Imperial Manor Funds the restoration and operation of this car.
Locos Locomotive Maintenance (ARM #1, Magma #10, ASARCO #81, SP 2-8-0 #2562)
Machine Shop Funds for the operation of a light machine shop for minor repairs.
Regal Phoenix Funds the restoration and operation of this car.
Steam Derrick Funds the restoration and operation of the SP steam derrick.
Vista Canyon Funds the restoration and operation of this car.

Monetary donations should be mailed to:

Arizona Railway Museum
P.O. Box 842
Chandler, AZ 85244




The Arizona Railway Museum can periodically make use of skilled trade people.  In some situations, this donated service may be tax deductible.  The ARM can use the services of people skilled in trade crafts such as:

Welding / Metalworking Carpentry / Woodworking / Cabinetry Painting
Electricians HVAC Masonry
Plumbing Gasoline / Diesel Engine Repair  

The services needed will vary according to the current projects and other Museum activities.  Please visit the Museum and talk with our project managers to determine if there is a need for your services.  Quite frequently, a project schedule can be adjusted to fit the available "talent".  

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