Project Description

Functional restoration of the Speeder for use at ARM.

Build History

Union Pacific “speeder” built by the Fairmont railway motors-division of Harsco Corporation.  The motor car is equipped with a ONAN engine and is chain driven. The model MT-14 motor car was built between 1967- 1986. There was a total of 2,768 of these models built in a 23 year period. The maximum capacity for the car is 6 people.


Manufacturer: Fairmont
Model: MT-14
Serial Number:  
Engine: Onan
Year Built:  
Accessories: Windshield
Capacity: 6 Persons
Weight: 1052 Lbs
Length: 85-1/4"
Wheelbase: 36"
Wheel Diameter: 16"

March 4, 2012

• oiled drive chain
• left a oil can in the storage compartment this is used for oiling choke and drive chain noticed that drive chain bangs on the side of the car this warrants further investigation.
• ran car for about hour right after shutting down baldwin

February 20, 2012

• replaced old wing nut on carburator with 2 brand new stainless steel wing nuts replaced shattered orange becon globe with new orange becan globe from a similar rotating light becon

February 18, 2012

• greased zirc fittings on the brake axle underneath the car
• cleaned top of soler panel for better use
• ran for hour and a half
• used gumout on carb for idiling problem no effect
• found engine plate
model and make number: cckb-MF/3393J
engine serial number: G810579042
engine oil capacity: 3.50T

• found markings on wheel
fairmont m11404k1
16 5/16 X 4 1/2

February 11, 2012

Tore off old foam that surrounded the air filter element and replaced the old foam with new foam found in the upholstery car. Ran the car for a half an hour.
Washed the exterior and interior. The car is still not running properly with the throttle the choke needs to be on for the car to respond to its own throttle this warrants further investigation.

February 4, 2012

Oiled entire choke line and repaired connection from choke cable to actual choke on carburetor. Repaired small fuel leak from fuel hose to fuel pump by cutting off the old cracked piece of rubber tubing and connecting it with extra slack from fuel hose all thanks to Alan R Rybarchyk for the help.

January 29, 2012

Filled up entire gas tank on the speeder from the gas can sitting in the plymouth. The car was ran for about an hour or so after annual membership meeting.
Oiled the ENTIRE drive chain help from Alan R Rybarchyk.