Project Description

Phase 1:

  The caboose was fitted with a window air conditioner in each side window of the cupola. This was so visitors viewing the inside of the caboose would not be uncomfortable during warm weather. Since there was no 120 volt electricity in the caboose an electrical cord was run to the inside to supply the electric power for the air conditioning units and a battery charger. Cabooses utilized 12 volts dc power for the interior lights and power the refrigerator, thus the need for the battery charger to maintain battery voltage. Normally as the caboose went down the rail the wheel driven generator would recharge the batteries or the caboose was plugged into site 12 volt power. The caboose never had air conditioning.

Phase 1 Project Description:
Install 240 volt 3 phase electrical connectors on each end of caboose for trainline connection.
Run electrical wiring from connector to connector under caboose and through terminal block.
Install electrical terminal block in battery compartment for tap off.
Remove tool holders from inside tool storage locker.
Remove added battery charger from locker in front of desk.
Remove (for modifications inside locker in front of desk) paperwork file box to be refurbished and reinstalled later).
Install 120 vac circuit breaker box in tool locker.
Install transformer ( convert 240 vac 3 phase to 120 vac )
Install 240 vac 3 phase to 12 vdc power supply.
Run wiring from battery compartment terminal block to transformer.
Run electrical wiring from transformer to 120 vac circuit breaker box.
Run electrical wiring from power supply to 12vdc (original) circuit breaker box.
Remove the window air conditioners.
Install air conditioner(s) in storage lockers. ( thus hidden ).
Modify storage lockers ( ac duct work ).
Install couple of 120 vac outlets for ac unit(s) and extra outlets for other operations.
Run 12vdc power lead from circuit breaker box to storage locker in front of desk for future connection to two way radio.
Install signage on all controls to facilitate future operation.

Historical Photos

ATSF 999741, at Phoenix, 4/27/91.  Photo by: Bob Trennert