Project Description

Restoration of the Denehotso back to running condition. The restoration
efforts include (but not limited to):

Repair windows that are broken or leak
Replace wall in lounge and paint
Build new window casing for lounge
Rewire lights for lounge
Put new floor in lounge
Replace floor and wall in public rest room
Install new toilet and replace sink in public rest room
Strip paint in bed room A and drawing rooms D and E
Replace outside walls in bed room A and drawing rooms D and E
Paint bed room A and drawing rooms D and E

Historical Photos  - Click on the photo to see a larger image.

Photo by: Romi Romano.

During the summer of 1980 the Denehotso was removed from the other display cars, by CPR 1293 which was Terror Train 1881, and moved to the shops to have the paint stripped off from the movie shoot. From what I remember, the equipment was supposed to be painted with a barrier coat of paint so that the movie paint would wash off. I guess it did not work on the Denehotso or Cheyenne River, though they did not try it on the Long Island cars or the baggage car. The stripes were duct tape, that fell off in the summer sun.


Photo by: Romi Romano.

Here is a photo I found that I took in 1976 while on a school trip.  Sorry for the quality, it was taken with a Keystone 126!


February 2012

We had another productive month with Kenny Rhoads and myself in January. Kenny has replaced some of the replacement metal in the vestibule and fixed the doors. Paint in bedroom A is being stripped and about 85% complete. The shorts in all bedroom have been fixed also Rudy cleaned up all the wiring in bedroom A. The new heaters have been mounted in Bedroom B, C, D, and E along with their thermostats.

November 20, 2005

This summer was hot so not much got done in the Denehotso. The wiring for the marker lights has been redone so that they are on light sensors come on at night and go off in the day, The train line has been tied up.  Still have to put a junction box in the train line. The biggest thing is that all of the concrete has been removed from the hallway and replaced with a new wood floor. Drawing room B also has all the concrete removed and a new wood floor has been installed. In drawing rooms C, D, and E the concrete has been removed in the entrance ways.

April 14, 2005

The public bathroom is complete. The lounge has shown great progress with the mahogany trim on all the side windows. Blinds have been installed.  The vestibule has about 80% of the paint removed and should be complete in the next week. Then any repairs can be made before the final painting of the vestibule. The electrical for marker light has to be repaired.

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December 6, 2004

Great progress in the Denehotso the public bathroom toilet is working. All the windows in the lounge have new window frames and glass. The windows are sealed and should not leak any more.  Starting to trim out rest of the lounge which means making new mahogany trim. The public bathroom is being trimmed out. It looks like the air conditioner may be put in soon. When the lounge and bathroom are finished work can be started on the vestibule.

September 2, 2004

The windows in end of lounge have been replaced and divider installed
with a n etched glass insert.  Lounge has been carpeted and all furniture in place the magazine racks are being built. Window frames are being rebuilt for the full car. Public rest room is painted and a new floor installed. The toilet is in place and sink.

December 8, 2003

The lounge of the Denehotso has been primed and painted to its final colors.  The heat strips have been wired so now there is heat in the full car.  The vent ducts in the ceiling have been striped polished clear coated and put up.  Three of the lounge windows have been replaced and fourth is in the shop.

June 22, 2003

The wood floor in the lounge has been primed, painted, and installed. The north wall has been bondoed and partly sanded. On the south wall the window frames have been removed. It has been discovered that the top and window sub frames are rusted beyond repair so they have to be replaced. The windows glass has to be replaced along with new weather stripping.

May 31, 2003

Walls in the lounge were all replaced by the time Boeing days. When Boeing people were at the museum they put up the mounts for the lounge lights and took up the plywood floor. Then we discovered that about 27 inches of the sub floor along each side of the lounge was in real bad shape. Some of the floor pans were gone too. New metal was bought for the floor and new floor pans were made. While waiting for the floor pans the lower half of the public bathroom wall was replaced and a new sub floor was installed. The new toilet was installed along with the sink and mirror. All the concrete floor was removed from the lounge. The missing or damaged floor pans have been replaced and the sub floor. A new wood floor will start going this week.

March 31, 2003

Paint has been striped from ceiling of lounge and end walls. Furring strips have been installed on side walls. Wiring has been checked and fixed where needed. New wall panels have been put up above the windows and below the windows on the west side of the car.